CC-M4C/D Cutting Numerical Controller

is mainly used for the CNC cutting machine with perfect functions of plasma & flame cutting.

Built-in arc voltage THC

CC-m4D BUILT-IN ARC VOLTAGE thc.CC-M4D control THC to drive the lifter and cut by setting torch height, it has functions of dual-speed location, high-speed retraction, sample arc voltage and so on.

Special attention: CC-M4C does not include built-in THC and it can not work with THC AHG1 by RS485.

CC-M4C/D Cutting Numerical Controller
CC-M4C/D Cutting Numerical Controller

Driver setting function

Work with our all-digital drivers, and set drive current, subdivision, rated current in the controller and monitor the working state of drivers.

★ he Advanced Industrial Embedded core.Calculation speed is faster. It can rapidly deal with vaious tasks, including file load, figure display, interface switch and so on.

Processor Display Dimension Working Temperature Store Temperature
Industrial ARM processing chip 10.4" color LCD 355*285*65 mm 0℃ ~ 55℃ -40℃ ~ 60℃
No. of Linkage Axis Communication I/O Control Store Space Highest Speed
2-4 axis 2*RS232,1*RS485,1*USB input*20, output*20 4G and it supports U disk 24 m/min
CC-M4C/D Cutting Numerical Controller assembly dimension diagram
CC-M4C/D Cutting Numerical Controllerassembly dimension diagram

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