AHa-L2 Plasma arc voltage controller

The arc voltage torch height controller uses high-performance embedded control core and stepper motor and stepper driver made by us. It has a 4.3” high resolution LCD. Its performance is better than common THC using DC motor with inaccurate lifting delay control.

Fully Digital Control

Multi-function Knob Arc voltage torch height controller uses digital electronic switch, which can better adjust the height and sensitivity. Its precision and working life is absolutely better than common potentiometer.

AHa-L2 Plasma arc voltage controller
AHa-L2 Plasma arc voltage controller

Stepper Motor Lifting Device

AHa-L2 uses the stepper motor with accuracy position control, fast response and stable start and stop. It can approach to the plate at high speed and locate at low speed in short distance. It greatly shortens the location time and improves cutting efficiency.The lifter has the upper limit, lower limit and location feedback functions.

Power requirements Applicable motor Motor power supply Automatic height control range Automatic high adjustment speed
DC 24V 1A Maximum voltage fluctuation 10% Current output range 0.6-4.5A(Adjustable) DC 24~40V 4A 10% 3~30mm 3000mm/分(30 slope )
Control Accuracy Working environment temperature Detecting system Partial pressure ratio
±0.5mm -10~50 Centigrade 50:1

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