QZ-2H606A 2-phase stepper driver

QZ-2H606A 2-phase stepper driver,is the all-digital stepper driver. It uses servo control theory and the optimized control calculation. It has no concepts of “beat” and “subdivision” of the traditional driver. No matter how many steps are set, the motor current is always the accurate sine current instead of current step. That is why the stepper motor has good performance, stability, and low-speed mute and extremely low heat productivity.

Current waveform diagram

The following are current waveform pictures of QD-2H811A and division driver tested under the same condition. Pictures are taken by the oscilloscope without any amendment.

Contrast diagram
QZ-2H606A 2-phase stepper driver

Easy to use

For the conventional use of the drive, the parameters are not set, the output value of these parameters can be used, and for some special use requirements, these parameters can be changed to meet different requirements.

QZ-2H606A recommended motor: 86BYG250A/B/C/D

16 gear current selection

(peak value)

















QZ-2H606A 2-phase stepper driver

★ accurate sine current control brings excellent performance

★ 255 options of steps for different transmission ratio

★ automatically record the breaking point when power off

★ set the rotation direction of the motor

★ input signal 5V, can be adjusted to 12V or 24V by external current limiting resistors

★ perfect stability, low-speed mute, extremely low heat productivity

★ 16 kinds of lock time (0.1~2 seconds)

★ set EN port to off-line mode or lock mode

★ single pulse, dual pulse

★ 11 kinds of lock current (0~100%)

★ 16 kinds of output current

★ easily set and read

★ auto run function

★ self-test ability

★ protection function

★ work on drive technology for 30 years

Weekly steps Input Power Output Current Input Signal Setting Method
200-51000step(255 gear) AC(40-60)V
2.2-6.0A(16gear) 5V DIP switch
Alarm Output Dimension(mm) Installation Motor
Optocoupler Normally-closed output 132*85*53 mm distance among four points 140*34 mm 85BYG250A/B/C/D
QZ-2H606A 2-phase stepper driver Wiring diagram
QZ-2H606A 2-phase stepper driver Indicator Light State

Usually default parameters can normally work. When special application is needed, some parameters can be changed. Parameters include, 1. single/dual pulse (default: single pulse), 2. EN port function (default: off-line), 3. Motor direction (default direction), 4. Lock current percentage (default: 50%), 5. Lock time (default: 1s). If set parameters, before power on the driver, set sw1-4=1111.

QZ-2H606A 2-phase stepper driver Set Parameters
QZ-2H606A 2-phase stepper driver Set Parameters

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