CC-G3 Cutting Numerical Controller

is mainly used for small and medium cutting machines.

CC-G3 Cutting Numerical Controller

perfect choice of small plasma cutting machine.

CC-G3 Cutting Numerical Controller
CC-G3 Cutting Numerical Controller

More intelligent Control

CC-G3 has functions of small segment combination,speed smoothess,speed look-ahead and so on.

★ Advanced Industrial Embedded Core.The calculation speed is greatly improved and advanced arc interpolation can guarantee stable cutting.

★ CC-G3 integrated arc pressure height controller --G3 system panel integrated AHa-S1 arc pressure height controller, which can control 2 phase hybrid stepping motor.

Processor Display Dimension Working Temperature Store Temperature
Industrial ARM processing chip 7" color LCD 298*202*50.4 mm 0℃ ~ 55℃ -40℃ ~ 60℃
No. of Linkage Axis THC Output I/O Control Store Space Highest Speed
2-4 axis 2-phase hybrid stepper motor, MAX1.7A (HG2) input*16, output*16 4G and it supports U disk 24 m/min
CC-G3 Cutting Numerical Controller assembly dimension diagram
CC-G3Cutting Numerical Controller assembly dimension diagram

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