JAII Double Cutting Saw Controller

It's used for plastic steel and aluminium extrusion profile production. It has functions of manual, mass programming, small-batch (single piece) setting and so on.

JAII Double Cutting Saw Controller

JAII Double Cutting Saw Controller
It has functions of mass baiting, auto nesting and so on. It uses AC servo motors and driver so that production is fast and accurate.

★ Pulse equivalent : X axis 0.5μ ★ Thread guide : ≤ 20mm ★ Input coordinate range : +/- 9999.999mm ★ Maximum user line : 540行

★ space : 60K ★ Number of user programs : 64个 ★ Chassis size : 300*200*85

★ 5.7 "high resolution dot matrix liquid crystal display, compact size and compact structure.

★ english menu, Chinese hint, easy to learn

★ Graphical display of dynamic / static machining

★ High speed 16 bit microcontroller plus 8 bit MCU and hardware interpolator control, 0.5 min equivalent 6 m / min high-speed operation.

★ Servo motor and high precision control drive, smooth movement, low noise, and obvious improvement in machining quality.

★ Set the starting speed and the speed of the rise and fall

★ Electronic gear adjustment does not require pulse equivalent roundness, and can be adapted to all kinds of mechanical equipment of screw pitch.

★ The general operation method is simple, flexible, accurate and easy to operate.

★ Provide a variety of flexible functions to make processing easier.

★ Directly diagnosing all input information of the system, checking and judging is more convenient.

★ A variety of parameter settings that can be adapted to different requirements

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