Torch height controller SH-HC30

is the auto height adjustment controller with the integration of control part and lifter usually used for portable and table plasma and flame cutting machines. It’s easy to use with good price.

Integrated machine lift controller

The detector, controller and driver are integrated to make the product highly integrated and adjust the journey 10cm.

 Torch height controller SH-HC30
 Torch height controller SH-HC30

Control technology of stepping motor

Torch height controller SH-HC30 The special step motor control technology of StatAi has been adopted to subvert the traditional DC motor height adjustment mode, which makes it fast, stable and greatly improves the service life of the product.

★ It uses stepper motor lifter with faster and more steady performance than DC motor.

★ In capacitance mode, it directly displays the cutting height.

★ The mechanical lifter and the controller are integrated and the stroke 100mm.

★ All digital circuit design brings high reliability.

★ One-button calibration brings correct performance.

★ Anti-interface and waterproof design can make the controller work in high temperature and bad environment.

power supply motor manual adjustment range automatic height adjustment range automatic height adjustment speed
DC24V 3A 17/23Hs Series Stepper Motor 0~100 mm 3~30 mm 3000mm/min (30 degree slope)
control precision communication dimension working temperature sensor type
+/-0.5mm RS232 155*87*71 mm -10~50 ℃ capacitance and arc voltage
SH-HC30 installation diagram
 Torch height controller SH-HC30 installation diagram
SH-HC30 Backside installation diagram
Backside installation diagram
SH-HC30 Schematic diagram on the right
SH-HC30 Schematic diagram on the right
SH-HC30 Connection key installation diagram
SH-HC30 Connection key installation diagram

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