SRF-GL1 Remote Control For Turning Roller

It's used to remotely control the turning roller of welding machine and cutting machine.

Remote control distacne: 200m

It uses ISM wirless communication. The user can set the number from 0 to 63 so that 64 equipments can work without interference.

SRF-GL1 Remote Control For Turning Roller
SRF-GL1 Remote Control For Turning Roller

Freely set inverter frequency

The default inverter frequency is 50Hz. The user can change from 20 to 99Hz. There is display of frequency and the knob can adjust the frequency.

sets the device (the receiver does not power up, opens the rear handle of the handheld terminal, SET hits OFF, the handheld terminal is powered, SET hits ON)

sets device ID (requires multiple devices to work simultaneously)

ensure that the stop key is not pressed, press the Speed-EN key, the screen displays the current device number (factory default ID is 00), rotate speed adjustment knob, adjust the device number.

sets the corresponding frequency of the inverter (the setting frequency of multiple inverters is different)

press the emergency stop button and press the Speed-EN key. The screen shows the current frequency of the inverter, and the rotation speed adjustment knob can adjust the frequency.

device to code (open the rear hand shell, SET to OFF)

receiver first power on, at this time the red light is always bright, the green light slowly flashing, pressing the code key does not put.

will set a good hand-held power to ensure that the emergency stop key is not pressed, continuously dial any one pullout switch until the receiving end of the green light flicker quickly, that is, the code success. Release the code key, can perform normal operation of.

note: no other handheld terminals can be used when the code is in order to prevent interference, resulting in code failure.

wireless hand-held wireless hand-held wireless receiver wireless receiver contact load (resistance)
working voltage :DC 2~3.3V Current: average current is less than 4mA working voltage :DC 4.75~5.25V current :100mA 5A 250V AC/30V DC
SRF-GL1 Remote Control For Turning Roller Wireless handheld Appearance introduction
Appearance introduction
Wireless receiver
SRF-GL1 Remote Control For Turning Rollerreceiving end

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